‘Safe Water September’ Fundraiser 2021

Globally, 1 in 10 people don't have access to clean drinking water!

During September, Dominique Elliott, Jude Mann, Laksheya Dayashanker, Likhita Kalagotla, Yousouf Palitanawala and Henry Lim, from the Brentwood Green Team signed up for the ‘Safe Water September’ challenge to raise funds and change the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. Through the efforts of these members and the generous donors, we have managed to raise an astounding, $1200 for this cause! Despite being in lock down, through the power of social media and the school and wider community, we were able to reach our ambitious goal.


We want to greatly thank all the staff, students, parents, family members, and everyone else who supported us through our journey. This is an acknowledgement to all the amazing people who donated to our team or to one of the members that took part in this challenge: June Thein, Robyn Clark, Ja Deely, Xeina, Stella, Elly, Isabelle, Melissa, Cy, Geraldine, Amelie, Che, Irene & Blythe, Jordana, Sam, Elise Thien, Heather, Catherine and Steven, Patrick, Kristy, Sophie, Vasanthamala, Meena, Anthea, Clayton, Daya, Andrea, Sophie, Venkata Kalva. Thank you to all the anonymous donors too!

This challenge was quite fun and interesting for me, because I was excited and intrigued by the idea of being able to help people by giving up some of own privileges. However, it was quite challenging at times when I was tempted to having a hot chocolate on those cold, wintery nights. I persevered to stay honest to the promise I made. Every Monday, if someone donated $25 to me, then I was able to have a ‘cheat day’. This is when I was able to have one drink that was not water and gave us an opportunity to promote this day to our social medias, to gain more donations. Overall, this challenge gave me a new perspective into what it is like for people not having access to clean water as I learned more about the issue, and I am glad I was able to play a small role in contributing to providing clean, accessible water for all.

A huge thank you to everyone in our Brentwood community for donating to us and to this cause, which allowed us in raising $1200.


Brentwood's Water Story

Brentwood's recent progress in the Water module and achievements.

'Iso Daily Quiz 6.0' 2021

Yousouf Palitanawala 11R1 from the Green Team ran daily quizzes from 19 August to 1 September to keep our community entertained. The team would like to thank and congratulate everyone for their participation. Here are the results.

World Oceans Day 2021

The Theme for this year’s World Oceans Day is ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’. To celebrate this event, the Brentwood Green Team held Daily Quizzes on compass based on water and sustainability. Participants gained points for their house. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this challenge! It was so good to see so many people participating and having fun. Congratulations to the following winners.

National Water Week 2020

Brentwood celebrated the National Water week from 19-25 October 2020. The Green Team participated in the following activities to celebrate the week:

19 October: A virtual workshop was organised by Swinburne University on ‘Healthy Rivers – Healthy Bays’. The workshop addressed the issue of pollution of local creeks and how to prevent it.

20 October: Students from the Green Team participated in the ‘walk for water’ campaign and collectively walked 15 km to empathise with those who must walk several kilometres everyday to fetch water.

24 October: Some students undertook the ‘Water Night’ challenge and spent the night on just one bucket of water and stayed away from taps. The challenge improved water mindfulness amongst the students.

We thank everyone that was involved in these activities.

Healthy rivers incursion 2019

On 24 October, the Green Team attended an incursion on Healthy Rivers offered by the Swinburne University.

Students learn the causes of storm water pollutiion and the measures we need to take to improve the health of our water bodies.

Yarra valley water incursion 2017

On 20th May, we invited an educational officer from Yarra Valley Water, our water supplier, to share ideas on water efficiency. We learnt about water catchment, distribution, sewage treatment, recycled water and desalination.