Term Tree at Brentwood

This year’s World Environment Day’s theme is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. Brentwood has joined the Generation Restoration and pledged to plant 2700 trees in Term 3 along the Scotchmans Creek and in the Mornington Peninsula. We are partnering with the 'Friends of Scotchmans Creek & Valley Reserve' and 15 Trees to implement this initiative. The following poster created by Anais (Year 7) was posted to our house teams.

Tree planting is going to offset nearly 73 tons of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Scotchmans Creek Tree Planting

Term Tree kicked off to a wonderful start today (13 July 2021). With guidance from the Friends of Scotchmans Creek & Valley Reserve (FOSCVR) and the City of Monash, the Brentwood Green Team planted over 1400 natives along the Scotchmans Creek.

The natives will prevent the erosion of the banks of the creek and provide habitat for the fauna along the creek.

Project Brentwoods

Each year Brentwood plants nearly 60 trees to mark National Tree Day. Over its lifetime, an average tree captures 268kg of carbon.​

According to Sustainability Victoria, the average Australian lifestyle produces 15,000kg of carbon per year. This means we need to plant 58 trees per year to bring our individual carbon production down to zero.

One small/medium car will emit about 4000kg of carbon a year into the atmosphere. Therefore, to capture the carbon your car emits and reduce your footprint, you need to annually plant 15 trees.

Brentwood emitted 540 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. Approximately 2000 trees are required in order to offset our emissions. Since planting 2000 trees at Brentwood is impractical, it would be ideal to plant them offsite in regional Victoria.​

Victorian based organisations such as 15 trees (https://15trees.com.au/) are involved in planting trees in various parts of Australia to improve vegetation and habitat for our natural fauna. Businesses willing to reduce their carbon footprint purchase trees through 15trees at an average price of $4.50 that includes the cost of the plant, planting and maintaining them.​

The objectives of Project Brentwoods is to plant a minimum 500 trees in regional Victoria this year. 500 trees will be able to offset nearly 125 tons of our emissions and will replace some of the trees lost in the bushfires this year. The Green team mascot, Koalas will get their devastated habitats back due to reforestation.

The Green Team proposes a one-time involvement in off-site tree planting by partnering with organisations such as 15trees. We would like to sponsor planting 500 trees this year. Planting trees will compensate for the 16 acres of land that was burnt and a billion animals that lost their homes during the bushfires in 2019-20. Most importantly, Brentwood can be a role model and proudly share its commitment to become a sustainability leader with its community. Every four trees planted through this campaign is going to offset 1 ton of our emissions.


Update June 2021: The trybooking fundraiser has now closed. We raised the required funds for this project.