Five-Star ResourceSmart School

Brentwood has been certified as a five-star ResourceSmart School in 2021. Brentwood has saved over $862,000 during the past ten years by improving resource usage and sustainability practices at the college.

Biodiversity Module Certificate

Water Module Certificate

Core Module Certificate

Energy Module Certificate

Waste Module Certificate

RSS Awards 2020

Brentwood Secondary College has been proudly following Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools program for nearly 10 years! This program intends to embed sustainability in schools by completing five modules to reach their sustainability goals.

Brentwood Green Team has been one of the finalists at the ResourceSmart Schools awards this year under the ‘Student action team of the year’ category. We were fortunate enough to receive a special memento and certificate from Sustainability Victoria recently, in recognition of our efforts and being nominated as finalists.

Watch the virtual awards ceremony here: 2020 Awards Ceremony - ResourceSmart Schools Awards

RSS Progress Workshop 2019

The ResourceSmart Schools Progress workshop for Term 4 2019 was held at Brentwood on 13 November. 40 teachers from various schools in the Eastern region attended the workshop and worked on different modules of the RSS program.

The Brentwood Green Team shared our progress and achievements in sustainability with the participants before taking them on a tour of the college.

Brentwood is a three-star ResourceSmart School.

RSS Awards 2019

Brentwood was nominated as finalists at this year’s ResourceSmart Schools awards. The awards ceremony was held on 13 June at the MCG. We were unable to bring any award home; however, we had the opportunity to network with other schools, winning schools and Sustainability Victoria staff. It was a perfect time to collaborate with other schools, gain ideas and learn about products which can help make our school eco-friendly.

The Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Solar Homes, Hon. Lili D’Ambrosio and ‘War on Waste’ TV host, Craig Reucassel, commended the Green Team for our work and successes in sustainability at Brentwood.

The Green Team would like to acknowledge the hard work and support put in by students, staff and parents in all sustainability projects at Brentwood. With your ongoing support, we are hopeful in making Brentwood a five-star ResourceSmart School in the future.

Waste Secondary School of the Year 2017 - Finalist

Brentwood got nominated second year in a row at the annual ResourceSmart Schools awards. This year Brentwood was shorlisted as one of the finalists for the 'Waste Secondary School of the Year'.

Brentwood continued to expand its waste streams by introducing commingled recycling bins in all staffrooms and 'Smart Cara' an electric composter in the Food Tech lab and

The event was hosted by ABC TV's Gardening Australia presenter, Costa Georgiadis. The event was held at the IMAX Melbourne.

Energy Secondary School of the Year 2016 - Winner

Brentwood was awarded the 'Energy Secondary School of the 2016' at the annual ResourceSmart Schools awards, hosted by TV celbrities Natalie Hunter and Josh Earl and held at the IMAX Melbourne.

Brentwood won this award for their significant reduction in electricity usage during the year, due to the installation of the 29 kW solar PV system and behaviour changes to conserve electricity usage at the college.

The Brentwood Green Team was thrilled to see their nomination pop-up on the second biggest screen in the world (IMAX Melbourne) and the receove the award from the Victorian Minister of Environment, the Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio.